SHADOW LORD Theobald Bourke (1567-1629) - Son of the Pirate Queen

Written by Anne Chambers.

SHADOW LORD Theobald Bourke (1567-1629)-Son of the Pirate Queen (Ashfield Press, Dublin)

 SHADOW LORD: Theobald Bourke -Son of the Pirate Queen It was perhaps providential that this, the youngest son of the Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley, was born on the high seas aboard his mother’s galley. Saved at birth from Barbary Coast pirates, Tibbott Bourke is destined to become more than just another leader in the twilight world of Gaelic Ireland. National and international politics catapult him into prominence in a period of immense change. When the battlelines between the antique Gaelic world of his birth and the exploitive, acquisitive world of Elizabethan England are drawn, with a Machiavellian mind that out-manoeuvres opponents on both sides of the divide, with opportunism, cunning and daring, Tibbott weaves his way through the morass with an all-consuming passion to survive.

SHADOW LORD is more than just a portrait of Tibbott Bourke, it is an unique insight into one of the most profound periods of change in Ireland, incorporating new unpublished manuscript material of the period.


’an historical thriller... ’ Lorna Siggins, Irish Times

’a serious and meticulous work of historical scholarship.’ Hugh Bonar, Irish Mail on Sunday

Genre: Biography 

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